Washington Montessori Institute’s primary mission is to offer a comprehensive course of study for adults that effectively prepares them to lead a community of children in all aspects of development. Our rigorous training both inspires and challenges our students in the transformative experience of becoming authentic Montessori teachers. 

WMI strives to help bring access to Montessori to all who wish to learn about this liberating, powerful, respectful, and research supported approach to development. We offer the AMI diploma for teacher training as well as shorter assistants’ certificate courses, professional development workshops, and parent events. We provide mentorship and support to our alumni and to other educators in our region. 

Additionally, WMI aims to diversify access to quality public, charter, and private schools and boost exposure of the Montessori philosophy into the education sphere.

To learn more, please contact us at 202-818-8701 or info@wmi-montessori.org.