• I highly recommend this Training Center. The trainers undergo a rigorous training to become trainers themselves and then give us our own training to prepare us for real life situations. One thing I found fantastic with this preparation was that I was supplied with a very robust foundation so that I know HOW to work within this world.

    I was also given enough information so that if there was flexibility to design my own activities, based on the specific need of a particular child, I will be able to do it. This training with Naoko is exactly what I needed and what I received. I am very grateful for this program and I would recommend it to anyone.

    — Meagan H.

  • Attending the Primary Montessori academic course at WMI is one of the most wise decisions I have ever made. Starting from September 2022 to May 2023, I learned so much with the Montessori Primary Course. It is a warm and welcoming community, I love all the people I met there. I would definitely recommend the course to my friends who are curious or wanted to learn more about Montessori.

    — Siliang L.

  • Jennifer’s support was instrumental for me as a new guide. Each time she came to observe, she had incredibly helpful feedback and was eager to share her advice as we brainstormed challenges together. She helped me to focus my priorities and to notice what was going well in my environment despite how overwhelmed I felt, which empowered me to keep going and re-inspired my motivation. Jennifer is both direct and encouraging, which was exactly what I needed. I would advise any guide regardless of experience level to seek Jennifer’s insightful mentorship.

    — Erika H.

  • My Orientation Course experience has been positive and enriching towards embracing the educational program of Maria Montessori. Naoko is an awesome instructor and her ability to share, respect, and facilitate online instruction are worthy of acknowledgment.

    — Sean L.

  • I truly appreciate Jennifer Shields! All her hard work, her being direct, no nonsense, her attention to minute details, and being very picky – her training left a positive impact on me. I learned and grew in many ways. She helped bring out the best in me, made me feel ready to support and guide the children in the Casa. As soon as I graduated, I felt immediate confidence. As I reflect when I was in the Institute, now things are making sense and falling into the right place. Many challenging moments that I can pull off because her coaching was very practical and applicable. I am very grateful for Jennifer, and I will always look up to her. I hope she continues to impart her gift to guide future Guides and help them prepare themselves. Jennifer’s techniques, approaches and strategies are the BEST! I wish that she can train many, many, many, more Guides around the world!

    — Felma L.