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Teng-Chien Yu was born and raised in Taiwan. He started his professional journey as a community social worker for an orphanage in Taiwan. Teng-Chien then became an accomplished English teacher which brought him to the world of Montessori. Teaching English in Montessori schools in Taipei opened his eyes to an entirely new perspective. The experience of teaching English in Montessori schools presented Teng-Chien with a sponsorship by Ms. Lam of Taipei Montessori Kindergarten. He obtained his Assistant to Infancy Diploma with Judi Orion in Denver, Colorado; and, his Primary Diploma with Joen Bettmann in Cleveland, Ohio. During Teng-Chien’s years working with children he participated in translating courses for several age levels. Teng-Chien has worked mostly in Asia, primarily Taiwan and China. He has served as an observer and consultant in Hong Kong, Thailand, and Singapore.

In 2019 Teng-Chien became an Association of Montessori International (AMI) Primary Trainer. He started his first position as a primary trainer as the Director of Training at Train Montessori by Great Work, Inc. Teng-Chien believes fervently that being a trainer facilitates other people’s transformational journey in the Montessori training courses as well as their own, individual transformation.

Culinary arts are one of Teng-Chien’s most important passions. His love of culinary arts has given him a pathway to access cultures around the world. That culinary passion has propelled his belief that the best way to know someone is to cook a meal together and share stories of their food and heritages. Teng-Chien currently lives in Denver, Colorado.

Tuition: $13,000
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50% can be done in the trainee’s own primary classroom if trainee is a guide or assistant, subject to trainer’s approval.
To be completed between Summer 2024 and 2025.

Oral examinations are scheduled in conjunction with the Association Montessori Internationale. It is not possible to publish exact dates at this time. Oral examinations will be scheduled during the Summer 2025 Session. Students will be informed as soon as dates are confirmed. All students must be in residence through the last day of the oral examination period, no matter when their individual examination is scheduled. Oral examinations may be scheduled on a Saturday.

Applicants who are international students or non-native English speakers must provide scores from one of the following tests:

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