Bryant Woods Montessori Children’s House
10449 Green Mountain Cir
Columbia, MD 21044
United States of America

Position: Lead Primary Teacher

Founded in 1969, Bryant Woods Montessori Children’s House is a nonprofit, single room schoolhouse in downtown Columbia, MD. Typically, we have between 15 and 20 students enrolled, ages 3-6, in a single classroom. One of the things that frequently immediately strikes visitors is how calm and well-ordered our classroom is, partly because there’s just one classroom, and everyone has ample space.

We’re fully AMS accredited/Pathway Step 10, one of the few in the area, and nearly our entire staff is Montessori certified, including the administrators.

We strive for academic excellence, but also a very strong sense of community. There’s strong parental support for the administration and teachers, and the parents throw a variety of social events throughout the year – visits to area museums, the local lakes, nature centers, farms, nighttime pajama party, and the school’s fall festival, where this past year we bobbed for donuts, had a tent made into a haunted house, guessed the candy corn count in the jar, ring toss, and more. When one of the families was going through a rough time last year, the others organized themselves to make a meal train for them, to help make things a bit easier. We aim to provide an authentic Montessori experience, but also to form a bit of the “village” it takes to raise a child.

We’re looking for an experienced lead teacher. We are also potentially looking for a second teacher to co-lead the class, who could be someone less experienced, looking to work with and learn from more experienced Montessorians. We think there’s no nicer place in the region to practice your craft than in this calm and joyful environment, with a really wonderful group of children, and with very experienced Montessorians administering the school.

We’re offering $45,000-$60,000, depending on experience. We hope you’ll consider reaching out.

To apply, email Alicia Jensen at

Date listed: 6/17/2024