Orientation Courses – Summer 2022

Earn an AMI certificate by taking one of our 60 hour courses that include synchronous and asynchronous learning. They include an introduction to developmental characteristics, Montessori theory, observation training, and practical information.

These courses are a fantastic opportunity for those seeking more information about a specific time of development. We welcome classroom support staff, administrators, specialty teachers, parents, grandparents, nannies, child advocates, and others.

From one of last year’s participants: “Attending the Orientation Course has been the most fulfilling part of my adult Montessori journey. While I thought I knew the origin of Montessori, and the benefits, this course totally opened my eyes to better understanding both the origin of Montessori, and the benefits of learning based on the Montessori theory. Due to this course I plan to continue my career in the Montessori program because I wholeheartedly agree with the theory, and had the opportunity to observe proof that Montessori learning works. I plan to ensure my future children begin their Montessori journey in a Nido due to this course. I enjoyed the course so much, and the diversity of the other educators that I met, that I was disappointed when the course concluded.”

0-3 Orientation Course