Work as a Montessori teacher is fulfilling, important, and creative. Training at the Washington Montessori Institute will give you a thorough preparation to do this significant work. Our faculty is highly experienced with decades of teaching and teacher training experience. Our facilities are carefully prepared to help you practice the art of constructing, maintaining, and using the Montessori classroom (or “environment”) for children at the developmental stage you specialize in. We are also part of a robust and dynamic community of Montessori schools which will welcome you to observe children in their prepared environments and practice interacting with, offering lessons to, and leading groups of children..

Here are some of the compelling reasons people appreciate AMI teacher training and their careers:  

  • Each day you spend with children is distinctive, fun, and rewarding.
  • You can work with the child’s characteristics and individual needs rather than pressuring him to conform to traditional expectations. 
  • You can be assured you are making a lasting impact on the lives of each of the children in your care.
  • There is a high demand for AMI trained Montessori guides all around the world.
  • The children love to come to school each day, and so will you.
  • You have the privilege of nurturing and supporting each child’s development in all aspects (physical, intellectual, social/emotional), rather than simply implementing a curriculum.
  • You get to spend a three year time span with each child (and parents/caregivers/guardians), building a deep, trusting relationship, and watching her growth over that period.
  • Research increasingly shows the value of high-fidelity Montessori programs for improving executive functioning and closing achievement gaps across socio-economic backgrounds.
  • An AMI diploma is world-recognized as the gold standard of Montessori training, opening doors to you for jobs in a great variety of settings where you can truly make a difference and love your work.

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